Sydenham Sportsmen hatchery manager reported our brown trout that we lent his club are doing well and SSA will hold them for a year to guarantee a better survival rate.  He also warned hatchery operators of the dangers of using outdated feed …check the expiry date of your hatchery feed and throw it out if it is past the best before date.

Great Lakes Basin Report
Dan Thomas, President
Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council
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Letter to MNR Minister Orazietti

Great Lakes Basin Report

Mass Marketing Letter

Salmonine Introductions to the Laurentian Great Lakes

IJC Invite Comments for Upper Great Lakes

Managing Chinook Salmon in Lake Huron

FISH FEEDERS NEEDED: We need volunteers to feed the fish in the hatchery; however these volunteers must be members of the club for insurance and liability protection. Please call Bruce Mallard if you can provide some support.
Job involves a half hour each day for a one or two week period. Training is available for anyone interested.
Please call Bruce Mallard at 519-534-1274.

New tapeworm found in Great Lakes fish

MNR Fact Sheets on Wetlands
What are Wetlands
Why are Wetlands Important
Wetland Restoration
Wetlands Watershed
Significant Wetlands OWES

Coho have vanished from Lake Michigan

MNR Fact Sheets pertaining to VHS.
Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia Virus
Angler VHS Fact Sheet
Aquarists VHS Fact Sheet
Baitfish VHS Fact Sheet
Fish Farmers VHS Fact Sheet
Property Owners VHS Fact Sheet

Release from MNR on Control Further Spread of New Fish Virus and Restrictions on Transfer of Baitfish.

BPSA have been in the hatchery business since 1968. Rainbow History


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